2020 Expectations

Fellow Instructors,


We are excited to host you for the Seventh Annual Southern Arizona Construction Career Days (SACCD) event.  This year we will host over 3,500 students from over 85+ different schools, the most ever!  With that being said, we have a few items for you to discuss with your students before attending the event.


First, please remind your students that this is an active job site.  We will supply all students’ hard hats, safety glasses, and shirts.  Please note the hard hats are NOT to keep; we will collect them upon your departure.  The shirts are for them to keep, and safety glasses and hard hats are to barrow for the day.

We will have plenty of water, but we suggest students bringing some more; depending on the weather, it could be very hot, and staying hydrated will be necessary.  We will provide all students and teachers lunch, which will include a sandwich, fruit, and a side.

Because we consider this an active job site, all students must wear closed-toe shoes.  We recommended, but not required, long pants.

Student Tips

We will have over 150 industry partners represented at this year’s SACCD’s.  To help us provide a productive experience for all your students and to help us keep it safe and organized, we want you to discuss a few procedures with your students before attending.

  1. Discuss Professional Skills with them, including:
    1. Have students introduce themselves to industry members with a handshake
    2. Maintain good eye contact.
    3. Speak clearly.
  2. Discuss employment and interest questions they can ask and encourage them to ask questions.
  3. Have them thank all individuals they come in contact with.
  4. Many industry members will have candy/handouts to remind them about the proper amount.
  5. Discard all their trash in the trash cans.
  6. Discuss inappropriate language that it is not professional.
  7. Follow the assigned rotation sequence.
  8. Have an enjoyable time!


Lastly, upon your arrival, you will be greeted by one of the Committee members who will remind you of these tips and safety requirements.  For you, you will also be supplied with a small map showing you the direction and timeline of the event.  Because we have four learning areas of various construction disciplines, you will see each one based on a schedule.

Mobile App

We encourage you and your students to download the SACCD app.  The app will supply an electronic version of the map, and much more.  Though in the real field of construction, we don’t allow cell phone use, in this case, we encourage you and your students to use it.

Video Contest

See link here


Please see the link below for the survey for students to provide feedback.  After the event is over, please have your students complete the survey to have a chance to win a new iPad.  One student from each day will win an iPad as long as they complete the survey and be presented with it at their school.


Ramon Gaanderse, Treasurer & Co-Founder, Southern Arizona Construction Career Days
Communications Director, KE&G Construction, Inc.


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